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Sunday, 20 December 2009

The First Platinum Page

The first 'test trade' edition of Platinum Page kicked off with a little bit of magic - Magic Moment, by A.C. Hall, a lovely story about how a simple slip of the tongue can create all sorts of confusion!

Next came Taylor's Travels, an account of when Stephen Taylor finally made it to NYC!
Two peices of 'flash fiction' came next, and then My Final Decision - a story written by me about changing names.

On the next page was a story for young children, called What Can Squirrel Do?

I have been lucky enough to sweet-talk a children's author into answering writing related questions, and the middle pages of the magazine promotes Margaret, and has a page of questions and answers.

Then comes a poetry page, followed by a dreamy story called Falling to Prey.

The Birthday Party came next, a wickedly good tale with a sting in the end!

The next page contains more poetry, and the story after that is called Face the Music and Dance.

The last story, Losing Rebecca, is a heart-tugging story, with an unexpected twist at the end.

And that, is the first edition completed! 20 pages long (excluding covers).
Due to the fantastic response I have had from Spain, the second edition is going to have more pages!

It's all very exciting!

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An inspired poem

Dear Vivienne
inspiration from your blog picture
A Camera’s Eye View

Looking into a picture, starting from top left
The crows nests in the tree tops, gray sky’s causing silhouettes.

Following down the left hand edge, bare branches topped with snow
Tree trunks for all of us to see, as black as any crow.

Houses nestled in the woodland, roofs and chimneys tall
The evergreen of the fir trees, masking most, but not them all.

Let the eye drop down the river bank, small bushes all aglow
Standing proudly in the ground, topped off with winter snow.

The shallow water still and silent, bed rocks sticking through
Dark reflections of the trees, and individual branches too.

Suddenly a burst of light, of sunshine and of blue
Reflected in the river Tyne, intended just for you.

Feel that inspiration, as you stare in fascination
I’m glad you took your camera, and captured this creation

Ray Johnson.
looking forward to the mag best wishes